history of the ark of the covenant | who built the ark of the covenant |

said to be the most infamous relic of the lost world the arc of the covenant has plagued the church historians and media like for centuries

-the elaborate gilded case was constructed around three thousand years go to store the stone tablets on which the ten commandments were written at the direction of gone to moses

-the arc was carried by israelites during their forty years of desert roving and it was brought to shiloh following the conquest of canaan

the king david

-later king david brought the arc to jerusalem were was eventually put in the temple by his son and heir king solomon

-the ark is described in biblical text as been substantial around the size of a nineteenth century siemens chest constructed of gold plated would and top with to substantial golden angels polls were put through rings on it’s sides to carry it

-several miracles from the old testament are connected to the arc

-the hebrew bible claims that the art possesses a number of what appear to be supernatural abilities

-according to one legend the jordan river stopped flowing in stood still while a party a priest prost with the york

-according to other legends israelites carry the arc into battle and used it’s abilities to a them and vanquish their foes when the philistines took the arc tumor in disease outbreaks struck them prompting the philistines to get the aren’t back to the israelites according to certain miss anyone who approached the ark or peered inside

-would perish

-the bible claims that the minute the aren’t bear step foot into the jordan river as they entered the promised land the river stopped flowing

-many people also think that during the israelites siege of jericho the arc was carried about the city for a week while trumpets were blown with many attributing the walls falling on the seventh day to the relic

-however during the time of the babylonian empires conquest of the israelites in five ninety seven and five eighty six be see the arc of the covenant disappeared from history

-so has histories biggest mystery finally been solved has the arc of the covenant really been found

-let’s find out

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