what is the mystery of mount kailash

mount kailash

mount kailash is an intriguing mystery from the very ancient times this mountain is full of wonderful secrets and knowledge which many have tried to uncover considered to be the center of the world from thousands of years it has attracted millions at it’s foothills here’s a little detail for you to pawn

-door before we proceed any further this mountain is located at exactly six thousand six hundred and sixty six kilometers away from the north pole the distance of south pole from mount kailash is thirteen thousand three hundred and thirty two kilometers exactly twice it’s distance from the north pole

-so is it just a coincidence or is there an intricate design which we are completely missing join us in this video to get a step closer to understanding the true mystery of mount kailash the mountain is located in western tibet and has an altitude of about six thousand six hundred and thirty eight me

-eaters the surrounding area of the kailash mountain is filled with are inspiring natural beauty your energy level or your mood instantly changes when you approach the mountain this is the reason why millions of people from all across india and the surrounding regions visit this site every year religious the celtics known as

dues like to indulge in their meditation or or spiritual practices in this area even if the temperature is freezing they say that this is a very special location the powerful currents of energy flowing in the area helps them to achieve spiritual progress much quicker this mountain not only attracts the real

-aegis settings but it holds a special place for millions and millions of people all across the indian subcontinent it is considered to be a very important sacred place in multiple religious traditions such as hinduism buddhism join islam and bon followers of hinduism believe that one of the sub


-preen gods in their pantheon lord shiva resides their hindu scriptures say that he is the audi yogi or the first yogi in the universe the secret knowledge of tundra and yoga came down from him ancient indian religious texts claim that mount kailash is the gateway to heaven or swore go loca from where you

-you can travel to the realms of god according to james scriptures this mountain is the site where their first tier thank or or the first supreme teacher attained moksha or liberation he got the knowledge of spiritual enlightenment on this mountain mount kailash is also known as mount meru the center of all physics

metaphysical and spiritual universes in buddhist texts and therefore it is a major pilgrimage site for many buddhist traditions a particular section of the buddhists called the battery on a buddhists believe that mount kailash is the home of demchok and incarnation of buddha who represents supreme be

-lists and finally the bond tradition in tibet maintains that mount kailash is the axis mundi or the axis of the earth according to the bomb tradition this is the place which connects the heaven and the earth so what is the reason that so many different religions and traditions trace their roots to this dear

-think about it why are the faiths and beliefs of all these religions linked to the same spot it clearly points to us that there is something more than meets the eye this location is more than just a random natural mount it has hidden many secrets at it’s core from thousands of years some researchers have even suggested that the

origin of all human civilization could be traced back to this marvelous mountain now let us take a look at the accounts of the russian explore doctor ernst my dash of who came to visit mount kailash in the year nineteen ninety nine he has given a complete detail of his experiences in his book where do we come

-from not only the indian cultures but the europeans had a great interest in this mountain the german occultists in the third reich were eager to explore and discover many hidden secrets here they held a strong belief that the true roots of their race could be found here that they were part of an ancient advanced civilization.

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