oldest book in the world

the serious it hunter is the oldest book on astronomy known to exist today it is an ancient hindu text and the exact date of it’s composition is still unknown as it’s vs were recited and passed down or lead to new generations in the waiting period according to the calculations in the book itself … Read more

history of the ark of the covenant | who built the ark of the covenant |

said to be the most infamous relic of the lost world the arc of the covenant has plagued the church historians and media like for centuries -the elaborate gilded case was constructed around three thousand years go to store the stone tablets on which the ten commandments were written at the direction of gone to … Read more


”Designed and finished like a jewel, a snow-white emanation starting from a bed of cypresses and backed by a turquoise sky, pure, perfect and unutterably lovely.” —Lord George Curzon, Viceroy of India shah Jahan appointed a Persian architect, astronomer, and mathematician, Ustad Ahmad Lahauri (1580-1649) to head the architectural team. Lahauri’s assistant was a Turk … Read more